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  1. declan
    declan Admin
    hi i was just wandering if the nether portal is supposed to not work
  2. megaverse
    megaverse Admin
    Hello just to say on the SevTech:ages server all the things we need to do to advance ages is blank or bugged I just hope you won't need to rollback but hell we can't do anything meanwhile so please fix it. Thank you.
  3. KingTrashyTroll
    Always Feeling good :P
  4. MalusVulpes
    Really into food, kinda into pc games
  5. orangelava12
    Can an admin fix agrarian skies 2??! We cannot get to the nether
  6. Ixactly
    Feeling Blocky...
  7. Christian way
    Christian way
    How do you get whitelisted
  8. ThomasLive
    ThomasLive Admin
    Hello, may I ask you to move me to a spawn on the crundee craft server, I just jumped into the portal in the twilight forest and now I have a crashing game. My nick is ThomasLive
  9. Sparty
    Sparty Admin
    excuse me i just wanted to ask if its possible to move my character to /spawn in crundee craft because whenever i try to join i crash (i think my twilight forest portal is bugged because it started when i tried to use it) hope its not a bother :D
    btw my ign is Sparty_xD
  10. MsVoxxie
  11. Onlyaj
    Just chillin my dudes...
  12. Equaliger
    Equaliger Admin
    I play on the Sky Adventures modpack, however when I now try to log in it says I was banned because my base is lagging the server (and to contact staff about the issue)? But that doesn't seem right because I've only been playing for a couple days, my base doesn't have anything really big at all that should cause lag I don't think... My IGN is EqualigerZero; thank you.
  13. Brandon
    Let's get this toast
  14. bighead500
    bighead500 Admin
    So why did you ban me from the discord and the server for something I did without knowing it was a bug
  15. walkingstickman
    Cant seem to enter revelation server
  16. krutors
    krutors Admin
    sevtech server down and som other
    best regards krutors
  17. RedAikir
    >.> finally off work.
  18. krutors
    krutors Admin
    playing sev tech
    stuck at age 2 becours cant go to twilight
    and get carminite reactor
    cant make it ether it needs redstone ore and cant get that at age 2
    need a buy sigen at spawn for the reactor/redstone ore

    to be enebled to progressto next age 2->3
    best regards krutors
  19. Euphais
  20. TooL10
    Complex Tekkit is still better. Slight plug (¬_¬)