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    1.) Age-15 (maturity of an adult)
    2.) I am on everyday minimum 2-3 hours
    3.) I am quite knowledgeable about Sky factory 3. Especially some of the mods for example, tinkers construct and Ender IO.
    4.) I do have discord and I use it everyday its always open.

    1.) Ansh_
    2.) Anshy#7022
    3.) Sky factory 3
    4.) My knowledge is good on certain mods in sky factory for example tinkers construct and Ender IO like i stated above. But I am always willing to learn and if a member on the server asks me a question that I do not know the answer to, I will look it up and try my best to be able to help them out.
    5.) A scenario like this I would start by telling them to stop with the arguing or try to resolve it. If they continue to argue I will warn them. And if this still does not make them stop they will each receive a temp mute for like 15-20 minutes. Depending on the servers guidelines that will be different.
    6.) If a player was consistent in breaking the server's rules then he or she will face the consequences based off what the server says will happen to them.
    7.) I mean their is not much I am able to bring to the community knowing that it is great already. But I am a kind, friendly guy, I am mature so there will be no foolishness seen from me personally. Overall I hope to better the community and myself over the course of time I spend on the server.
    8.)14-15 hours of playtime a week
    9.) Just know I am mature and I am easy to get along and I know it will take me some time to fit in but I truly hope I find my spot in this community.
    10.) I live in Central Standard Timezone and I am on usually between the times 5-9pm on weekdays. On weekends expect me to be on whenever I can.
    11.) I want to become staff on Complex-FTB so I can be a part of the great community. Also knowing how the server on SF3 has just reset I feel like their might be a need for more staff to be on to be able to help the players who are starting out or any player in general who needs help. Also so I can enforce the rules properly if any players violate them.

    Extra: I have been staff in the past on non-FTB servers such as, and so I am quite familiar with the punishments and the commands to execute the punishments. Thank you for reading my application and I truly hope I can be a part of this community.

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