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    Hello, I am Quickshot (formerly known as BudgetQuickshot) and I would like to apply for helper/mod/admin on skyfactory 3.
    1. My in game username is BudgetQuickshot.
    2. My discord tag is Quickshot#7863.
    3.Skyfactory 3 FTB.
    4. I have over 300+ hours and with my friend we have done almost every aspect of the modpack aside from botania.
    5. Tell them to stop and give them warnings if they continue 10 minute mutes when they get unmuted if they continue again 30 minute mutes and so on.
    6. Depends on what rule if it was something to do with their island I would break it and tell them to fix it and how with a warning and if they continued and disobeyed I'd give them a light ban and if that still doesn't do the job a longer or even permanent one.
    7. A very extensive knowledge of skyfactory with lots of free time and understanding of the rules.
    8. Usually, every afternoon when I get home at 3 pm onwards (AEST) until night unless I want to play another game with my friends or I have to do things but if I get mentioned on discord and I'm available I'll hop on most of the time.
    9. I can sometimes get fed up with things but usually, I'm good at controlling myself.
    10. I live in AEST (New South Wales Australia) and I am normally on most afternoons after 3:30 pm until 9 pm or later unless I get bored, want to do something else or have to do something and I usually end up on with only like 8 players at night lol.
    11. I thoroughly enjoy the game and helping out this server and the community sounds great to me.
    If you also want you can ask server members like Ozen and Selenie and FaZe_Animal675 and etc. If I'd be a good helper and they can tell you how I've helped them.
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