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Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by Hytax, Mar 4, 2019.

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    Mar 4, 2019
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    If these features already exist, I am not aware.

    I have found myself commonly working on our base only to find that claiming new land is a pain. Much of our territory is small patches of claimed land between me and my friend and isn’t very uniform at all.

    I’d like to propose a way of transferring your claim blocks to others so we can have one of us own the entirety of our land.

    My other idea, and I know some form of this already exists with sticks, is that we develop a better system for displaying what is within claimed land. I’m essentially looking for a toggleable feature to turn on a “build mode” per se. All it will really do is, when activated, notify you via a message in chat or something if you are building or breaking in unclaimed territory.

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