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    1) mincraft name : RobinTheBrodo

    2) Discord tag: Robin#3072

    3) i primarily play on SF3

    4) in skyfactory 3 my knowledge is pretty well sometimes i have to ask some things

    5) if 2 players are arguing i try first to get them stopped and ask what there is going on and if they dont stop than i mute them than i ask what there is going on and if they dont stop after that i will mute them let them muted for a longer time so they get it why and i say why they are muted

    6) if they consistently break the rules i would warn them 2 times for breaking the rules if they keep breaking the rules and dont change them self than i would ban them for a few days for not listening to a staff member and for breaking the rules

    7) If I would bring something to the server it is my kindness and hospitality it is something other staff members already have but its hard for me to get something new in the server

    8) i play every evening on the sever some times i have a late shift on my work than i cant play but in a week i play like 3 hours a day so like 21 hours a week

    9) im 20 years old i live in the netherlands

    10) Central European Summer Time

    11) I want the players have a nice time on the server and that I can help them by players who break the rules and by people who have questions to answer their questions

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