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    Recently started playing continuum as my primary, before that i was switching between ozone 3 and stoneblock 2. I recall playing agrarian skies and agrarian skies 2 on complex servers a long time ago.
    I've been playing modded MC since 2012 with Tekkit, I have alot of experience with many of the mods used in the current FTB modpacks.
    It depends on what the argument is about and what the insults are, alot of arguments can be solved by simply telling them to stop arguing or giving them an answer. If these arguments / insults evolve into something more serious, a temporary mute could be an effective tool to stopping the problem instantly. I'm sure this server has a system for documenting actions such as these in forums or discord.
    I would ensure to document the rules broken and act accordingly. Some rules (such as stop begging) could be solved with a mute (preventing the person from begging). Other rules such as hacking should be taken more seriously. This could potentially result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the offense and how many times the rule(s) has been broken.
    I have many years of experience with FTB and feel that I can provide good support to the player base in multiple modpacks.
    The amount of time I have to play per week could vary depending on the week. Most weeks I can put in 2-3 hours each day, however some weeks i've been finding myself putting in 6-7 hours a day. Generally i play alot more on weekends than weekdays.
    Firefighter - occasionally need to walk away with very little warning
    US East, On weekdays i'm usually available from 11am - 5pm. All day Saturday, Sunday after 5pm.
    I've been having alot of fun on the complex servers and i've been enjoying the community I met playing it. Theres not alot of servers around like this anymore and I would be proud to help out.

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