The server was glitching and i got banned

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    1) Whats your minecraft username?
    2) Why were you unfairly banned?
    The server was glitching out, when i went to eat the server was saying that i was afk then i wasn't- it was spamming the chat
    3) Who banned you and for how long?
    I don't know who banned me and how long for as i wasn't there
    4) Why should you be unbanned?

    I should be unbanned because i didn't do anything wrong, it was the server glitching out
    5) Any additional proof or things to let us know! (Screenshots, Videos, Etc)
    I dont have anything as i was afk at the time- You might be wondering how do i know how i was banned, i was playing with my friend and she said it was spamming the chat for the time period that i was gone.
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