With proper Grammar I shall proceed to write my application

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    Staff Application Requirements:
    1). First of all, I'm 17.
    2). Most of my days besides school I'm always online.
    3). I have been playing with FTB ModPacks For as long as I can remember since 2014. I Think I mainly play modded Minecraft.
    4). There has not been a single day that I have been off of discord, I have used the app since Beta.

    Staff Application Guideline:

    1). My Minecraft username is ZedPie.
    2). Thy of mine discord tag is ZedPie#8017.
    3). I have been switch around servers to find the most stable. I can say that complex is definitely one of the best that I have tried.
    4). My FTB Knowledge Is definitely up there, I know at least the beginner of every mod that FTB has to offer. like I have said I basically only play modded Minecraft.
    5). First of all, I would warn then of disturbing other members of the server Then I would try my best to look up who started the conversation first. If I find out who started it first I would privately message him to give him a further warning. Then I would talk to the other person to tell them easier solutions to the situation.
    6). I would judge on the rules that he broke, If it was simply as spamming I would give him the three warning systems. If the person continues to break the rules Temporary Ban for a few days unless this person has proving to be breaking rules on multiple occasions. If it was a major problem like duping or hacking in some sort It would be an Instant Ban.

    7). I possess the ability to at least make all of my I's capitalized in my Application. :p
    8). I have only joined Complex recently but as I have said complex has one of the best servers that I have Tried out. So I will definitely play 3-6 hours each day on this server
    9). I think out my self as a nice person and do not lose my temper easy.
    10). My timezone is (MST) and I'm usually on after 4 pm and on weekends its 1-3 pm
    11). The complex has a great server and I'm sure it has great mods as well I just want to help out the community. while I spend my time on this wonderful server.
    12). I believe that I would bring great value to the server as I have multiple experiences being on other discord servers and Minecraft servers.

    I hope you have a good day.

    Sincerely ZedPie.

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