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    Hello there,

    my name is Nicolas, im 19 years old. Im playing around 5-8 hours a day
    Sky Factory 3, since im knowing alot about that Modpack i thought about Applying for an Staff
    rank. Im using alot Discord, since im playing alot with friends from Skyfactory 3. My ingame name
    is xNicolas, i play primarily on Skyfactory 3 but tried Stoneblock too. Im pretty deep in the knowledge
    of, for example, Draconic evolution. I know alot about the start, how you can move forward to reach
    a good point in the Modpack.

    The scenario is interessting, ofcourse i would try to understand both sides, listen to them and tell them
    that the 1st point is sometimes arguing happends because of just unnecessary reasons, so i would firstly
    try to listen to them. If that wouldnt work, i try to make give the idea of an compromise, so both can say
    "Hey, i was dumb, excuse me". Well, if that wouldnt work, i just stay cool and try to help both sides, since
    if i would join the argue, this would be contraproductive.

    When an player consistently break rules, after i already tried a good amount of times to explain that this is against the rules, i would warn that player, give after like 2 or 3 times telling him that this actions are
    against the rules give him an last chance, if that doesnt work i would initiate something against this behavior. Sometimes, it can happening that someone breaking the rules, but after a good amount of
    "Hey thats against the rules", theres no way around it.

    What i bring in the Community others dont have, thats a good question. Well, i have Humor, i love to play
    on Complex-gaming, i like to help others, i like to build, like to give tips how something works. I give my best already to help people, i know my limits, so at some point i think i loose my humor but everyone does, correct? Alright, i like to just be there and if people need help i help.

    I play around, well oof(..) like 30 hours(proably more) per week on Complex Gaming.

    Well, some people already asked me why i dont apply for Staff, so here i am. I love to play Sky Factory 3 so much, its my Favorite Modpack, obviously. I live in Germany, so my Timezone is "MEZ".

    I actually wish to be a part of the Staffteam, to help. Yea, i can already Help with my situation now, yes but sometimes i feel like its just not my job to help everyone or answere Questions but i still do, some of my friends i found by this server as i already said earlier, asked my why i dont apply for staff, i thought about it a long time, now around one and an half week, but yes im applying here. Sometimes i feel like i cant help that much because im not a part of the staff, thats my problem.

    Alright, i think i answered every Question. I like this server, alot. I want to be a part of the Team that keeps the Community good, i want to be a part of this. I was actually shy to apply, but i made it.

    My Discordtag is: Nicolas#8750 ~

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