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  1. Jessi Enriquez
    Jessi Enriquez
    hello all! :3 so excited to play some pixelmon!
  2. Angelsofty
  3. Angelsofty
    Bored give me something to do
  4. Emily6502
    How are yall today?
  5. logan900
    logan900 FXTeddy
    could u look at my appile
  6. Emily6502
    Hello, just letting you all know- you all are special <3
  7. JoeStar
    New to Pixelmon Reforged! :D
  8. Billy999
    Billy999 AlmostAdopted
    hello, I cant join the server it says timed out. And yes im new.
    1. Xylotile
      Hello, are you still having the same issue?
      Mar 30, 2019
  9. KentuckyBird
    Yo I'm here to play pokemon. This server is mad confusing so if you got tips help me out :P
    1. Xylotile
      hello, welcome to the server! First of all, start by doing your /kits and check out the /rules and commands! If you need any help feel free to ask in chat or ping me on discord!
      Mar 29, 2019
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  10. Shiorja
    epic gamer status!!!!
  11. Jay sinner
    Jay sinner
    IGN: Jayy , Over 30 legends and 1600 tokens for sale on blue msg on discord or on minecraft.
  12. lunalonewolf
    lunalonewolf AlmostAdopted
    There was talk about a possible chargeback, yes, but no chargeback was processed.
  13. [ZzZ] Xebra
    [ZzZ] Xebra
    I'm going to do some great things some day.
  14. [ZzZ] Xebra
    [ZzZ] Xebra
    I'm going to do some great things so day.
  15. EclipseTwitch
    After a year I started playing again, I lost my Shiny Rayquaza.
    1. Xylotile
      How did you lose it?
      Mar 19, 2019
  16. Dragla
  17. Asheskille
    Eating Olives Since 1999
  18. CherylBlossomxo
    Hello everybody! I love Pixelmon!
  19. joshdogy
    Caught a zora!
  20. SleepyTheFox