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  1. hendrychong
    I Just Wanna To Be A Good Helper
  2. AuraSenpai
    I cant get into the server please send help
  3. Vexrage3102
    Vexrage3102 CyberrX
    Hello, I am trying to post a staff member application but every time I do it marks it as spam. It told me to contact an admin. Is there any way you can help me please?
  4. Bloodness
    Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up
  5. Yangswordwind
    who else is playing on 1.13.2
  6. Yangswordwind
    i out date this server
  7. RadityoXYZ
    Who Likes Meloetta here? pls Comment! ^_^
  8. RadityoXYZ
    Hi Guys! I'm New here! I'm a 14 Years Old Boi that Plays Minecraft (Usually), Roblox, Forza Horizon 2, and GTA. Pleased to meet y'all
  9. Hazzbro
    I have been banned on the server. I would like my ban appeal to please be read by a mod/admin. Thanks
  10. slashberg
    the servers are still lagging please try to fix this as soon as possible:(
  11. _EnderShadow_
    There were some server backend updates. The server is now back up and functional for those who had problems joining previously
  12. slashberg
    There is now currently a bug in the server with a login issue please fix this as soon as possible for the sake of other players satisfaction
  13. Brownie1569
    Can you join on PE?
  14. SkyfinTACO
    why cant i join the server
  15. Agent_X7
    Active Pixelmon Trainer
  16. TheNewDerp04
    TheNewDerp04 CyberrX
    Why Am I no longer whitelisted on the Official: Complex server ? I can't join..
  17. Chuck Vandam
    Chuck Vandam
    server is dead?
  18. Matt_CG
    Matt_CG Killerkiss4you
    1. Killerkiss4you
      Nov 14, 2018
  19. netflixnchil
    netflixnchil Living_383
    I understand why my appeal was denied, and the meme i posted was innapropriate. Not going to give any excuses, but Would i be able to appeal in the future again? I mainly used the discord simply for when i needed to get ahold of staff and whatnot and keep up with game updates. I am enjoying the server and it would be cool to get back into the discord.

    P.S: sending this here as i cannnot pm you =0
  20. Playaz732
    I am Back... yay.. was off for 3months. Sorry guys,, lost everything, :(.. rebuilding quick.