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  1. EatMyRightShoe
    EatMyRightShoe Admin
    Admin I can not post a ban appeal in the forum because it contains spam or inappropriate things but I don't know what those things are. Could you please help me with this
  2. spearmint
    the last thing you want, in your burger king burger, is somebody's foot fungas. As it turns out, that might just be what you get.
  3. trot
    dreaming big everyday...
  4. KillerMG
    KillerMG Admin
    adimin I can not log into the server and I have confirmed my account in the email and I am not able to enter
  5. KillerMG
  6. TheNinjaJackV.2
    Feeling Like A Million Bucks
  7. Nitrogenic
    why the hell do people got to hate for no reason.?
  8. zantjez
    the server is down?
  9. Shadow_Cullen
    Hey there! I am Shadow! Nice to meet you!
  10. Shadow796
    Shadow796 WaloNaco
    Hey haven't been whitelisted on the server and I would like to be so I can continue playing on it
  11. Shadow796
    Shadow796 Admin
    This isn't my minecraft gmail account either
  12. Shadow796
    Shadow796 Admin
    I need to be whitelisted to get back on the server to continue my progress
  13. DeonTheGamerZ
    why is there now a whitelist?
  14. DeonTheGamerZ
    cant play pixelmon
  15. Marrking2
    Marrking2 Admin
    hey I'm new you can add me to the player list thanks
  16. jpbd1231_Lolipop
    is the server being checked or something? cause I cannot join it
  17. RiSkRay
    Wanting To Become A Builder
  18. InstReportHere
    Hi i am dakota rl Hope everyone's doing good today/night.
  19. Nitrogenic
    Just wanna say there is the Kid going around spreading lies about which are not true so be on the lookout
  20. Nitrogenic
    Nitrogenic Lonzea
    you can stop lying about me on my Old staff app I have never spoken to you before and there is more then enough detail