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    Requirements :
    - I am above 15 years . I am 17 right now .
    - My knowledge of pokemon is pretty big because i am play pokemon since Pokemon Platinum and know the ins and outs of every main serie game since
    -I try to be on at least 5-7 hours a day so i think i am pretty active(weekends more than 10 hours a day)

    Minecraft Username ?
    Discord tag ?
    Main Server ?
    Knowledge of Pixelmon ?
    -I know alot about Pixelmon and pokemon cause like i said i have been playing it since i was very young and try to learn more and more about it every day .
    Scenario: 2 Players are arguing and insulting each other and you are the only staff member online, how would you deal with this situation?
    -First i would ask both of them what happend and why the argument started . And first try to resolve the problem but if they keep insulting each other i would warn them . Than if they keep on going i would punish them according to what they have done .
    How would you respond if a player consistently broke the rules ?
    -I would have a chat with about why he is doing this and that after his punishment is over he should not do it again or there will be harsher consequence . Than after this i would still punish him for what rules he broke because rules are still rules and you should listin to them .
    What do you bring to the community that other applicants do not?
    -My knowledge of pokemon and pixelmon is very high because of the time i have played it so because of this i can help alot of people fast and without taking to much time looking it up. I learned a lot in the past few days of how the economie works on this server and because of that i can help people when they ask about the prices of how much somethings costs . I also try to keep up to date with all the latest exploits / glitches so i can stop people that try to do this on the server . Because i am still in school i can play alot more than adult admins because i don't have a job so i can help people when they can not .
    How many hours a week do you normally play Complex-Gaming?

    -In a school week i can play about 45-50 hours and if i have vacation it can be 60+ hours a week .
    Is there anything else the Complex-Gaming team should know about you?
    -I try to be very open to anyone and not take things personally to fast . I don't condone hacking / glitching or the use of exploits i know how bad these can be to the experience of other players so i won't alow this at all . and i know i left a week ago and i had my reasons if any of the staff teams want to know why pm me but i would love to return , also i want to add im sorry for my behavior last week some days i wasent my self and i said some stuff im not proud of . hope you can forgive me for that
    What timezone do you live in and at what times do you normally play the server?
    -I live in Belgium so Gmt+1
    The hours i can play are : -On Monday and thursday i can play from 8:30pm till 11 pm ( Because of basketball practice
    -Tuesday 4pm -11pm
    -Wednesday 1 pm - 11 pm
    -Friday : 4 pm - 2 or 3 am
    -Weekend : 10 am till 3 am ( sometimes i wont be able to play for 3-4 hours because of a basketball game)

    Why do you wish to become staff on Complex-Pixelmon?
    - I love helping people that need help just like in real life i want to help people as much as i can cause i will be happy when other people are happy . I also think i could help alot because of my knowledge of pokemon and pixelmon .
    Type /playtime on the server, and please write what comes up
    there comes up Total : 1w4h40m56s

    Thank you for reading this
    Have a nice day :)
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