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    Staff Application Guideline
    1) - My ingame name is Bruvlig
    2) - My discord name is : JOB1#1143
    3) - I primarily play on the tekkit classic survival server.
    4) - I have played tekkit classic many years so i know pretty much about the modpack. Theres still some things that i dont know but ill try my best to find a solution to someones problem.
    5) -I Would ask the players what is the problem and try to help them settle their dispute. if that doesnt work ill try to figure out who started it and give him/her a cite. Or if they both break the rules i cite them both. If they keep arguing ill temporarily mute both of them. And even if they still decide to argue ill let them cool their nerves int the form of temp ban.
    6) -If citations dont make him/her stop breaking the rules warn the player many times befor ill temp-ban and if he/she doesnt learn from that ill ban for longer period of time. Serious disregard of the rules leads to perm-ban
    7) -Hard one.. im from finland so i live on a completely diffrent time zone than other staff members. so if i become staff, there will be me when the other staff members arent online.
    8) -I Normally play around 10-20 hours a week.
    9) -Nothing else than that im from Finland so i play on times when theres not a lot of staff online.
    10) -Finnish timezone (utc +3 Eastern European time) i work a three shift work so the time of the day really depends what shift im working but most common times that im online are 3pm-10pm. 11pm-6am. 7am-1pm.
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