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    1) Whats your IGN?
    2) What is your discord name?
    3) Which server do you primarily play on?
    I play on the Tekkit classic Survival typically
    4)How In-Depth is your knowledge of Tekkit Classic?
    I have basic knowledge of The machinery and Emc parts of the modpack
    5) Scenario: 2 players are arguing and insulting eachother and you are the only staff member online how would you deal with this situation?
    I warn them that if they don't stop, I will kick them. if they do not stop after that I will warn them again and temp ban them if they do not stop
    6) How would you respond if a player consistently broke the rules?
    I would give him 2 warnings and if they continue I would temp ban or perma ban based on which rules they broke
    7) What do you bring to the community that other applicants do not?
    I enjoy helping people and solving problems so I believe that I would make a good part of the staff
    8) How many hours per week do you normally play Complex-Gaming?
    I haven't played for that long but I could play up to 35 hours a week
    9) Is there anything else the Complex-Gaming team should know about you?
    I work a part time job so some days I wont be able to get on very much
    10) What timezone do you live in and at what times are you normally on (This is to ensure there are staff on at all times)?
    I live in central us timezone and I am typically on from 12 pm to between 8pm and 2 am

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