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    1) PhazeTheOC
    2) TLG Alter#2960
    3) Faction server
    4)Been playing tekkit for 5 plus years
    5) I would find out what the problem is and try to resolve it between them both. depending on how bad they were acting would result in me contacting a Mod/Admin to give them a timeout and take appropriate action.
    6) If they constantly broke the rules even after a warning and several chances i would contact a Mod/Admin right away to take further action
    7) 8 years of community center experience. For example ive had to problem solve with both adults and children. 5 to 18 years old.
    8) I play every day. recently got a new pc so i haven't been on in a while but in total i have close to 100 hours.
    9) Very kind and funny but i can be very serious and strict when need be.
    10) I live in my own unique time zone with is Newfoundland timezone. A hour and a half more than eastern timezone.

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