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    1) What's your IGN?
    My in-game name is SergeantSergal.
    2) What is your discord name?
    Oracle Fox#9911 (My ID is: 114133320446640133).
    3) Which server do you primarily play on?
    Mainly on the Tekkit Classic Survival server.
    4)How In-Depth is your knowledge of Tekkit Classic?
    I've been playing Tekkit since the Yogscast ever started their series on Tekkit. (The summer of 2012) And I've been on and off Tekkit a lot, but I do come back to play, and I'm able to remember a lot of the mods on how they work. *There are several mods that I do not touch like MFFS, some parts of the Equivalent Exchange mod, sometimes I do tamper with the ComputerCraft mod.*
    5) Scenario: 2 players are arguing and insulting each other and you are the only staff member online how would you deal with this situation?
    I would tell both players to stop arguing, give them a verbal warning or reminder to stop. If they continue, get both ends of the story, take screenshots of the argument and stories for a later review then warn both users until another staff member gets on to fully clear up both sides.
    6) How would you respond if a player consistently broke the rules?
    At first, I would remind them to stop, if they continued, I would warn them several times, and depending on how severe it ends up being, I would kick or ban them.
    7) What do you bring to the community that other applicants do not?
    I'm mature, quick at responding questions, a very kind and respectful person at heart. I never give up if something fails me once, twice or even three times. I'm very ambitious and curious about knowing more.
    8) How many hours per week do you normally play Complex-Gaming?
    From the play-time I have for my first week, (19 hours) it seems that I'm fairly active. But, due to not being in college for the summer, I guess it adds more time to me being free and active on the server.
    9) Is there anything else the Complex-Gaming team should know about you?
    I am working part-time and going to college so I try to put those as my main focus in life rather than playing on my laptop.
    10) What timezone do you live in and at what times are you normally on (This is to ensure there is staff on at all times)?
    I'm in the UTC-7 (Pacific Standard Time).

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