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    Mar 15, 2019
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    My IGN is Spidermonkey9 (donorname ScoutyYT)
    Discord: Scouty #7116
    Primarily play on the Survival Server
    Fairly detailed Tekkit Classic knowledge, basically the only modpack I've used, Couple years playing the game,only thing I dont really understand is computercraft, and thats mainly because I've never tried
    If two players were fighting each other in chat I would warn them both to cut it out, if they didn't, citations would be issued, if they didnt stop then/started raging at me, more citations + mutes. Im unaware of how this server operates with temp bans but I would possibly issue temp bans if it was toxic enough and ruining the experiance for others.
    Rule breaking would result in citation, first time would warn them first, but if it became a pattern the more they did it the less forgiving I would be with the citations.
    I actually have a customer service job IRL, I know how to handle toxic people as well as being pretty good at settling disputes. It also has given me the experiance to remain coolheaded even when people start giving me a hard time
    I play roughly 12 hours a week, maybe a bit more
    I'm a student in University, meaning my schedule may open up more durring day hours when I dont have classes
    Timezone: ET, am online anytime between 1PM-Midnight (varies) weekdays, sometimes get online very late 2AM-6AM on some nights. Weekends are an open book, I really play whenever on the weekends

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